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What is the IBP Initiative?

The Implementing Best Practices (IBP) initiative is a unique international partnership dedicated to scaling up what works in family planning and other areas of reproductive health. The partnership was initiated in 1999 by the World Health Organization (WHO), the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and nine cooperating agencies. Its membership has now grown to more 45 member organizations that include donors, international technical assistance organizations, regional and national partners. 


The IBP consortium engages the global SRH community to implement and scale up effective practices and global guidelines through its convening power and neutral platform for knowledge-sharing and collaboration. 


Global SRH guidelines and effective practices are disseminated, implemented and scaled up to improve reproductive health outcomes around the world. 

Core principles and values

IBP was founded to address a number of challenges in the global reproductive health community, including duplication of effort, minimal collaboration, ineffective knowledge exchange and limited scale-up of practices that work. Responding to these issues, IBP operates by the following core principles:

  • demonstrates a dynamic model of global cooperation among organizations that minimizes duplication of effort, maximizes the use of resources, and promotes the rapid adoption of proven effective strategies and practices;
  • respects the diversity of circumstances in individual countries and works collaboratively with other members of the consortium and local colleagues to introduce and support the implementation of appropriate, IBP-identified effective practices and strategies;
  • develops and fosters a style of interaction among IBP member organizations characterized by open communication and responsiveness to collaborative efforts at the centre of meeting global goals;
  • fosters active participation of all members and encourages country-level engagement;
  • maximizes the use of technology for the most efficient knowledge exchange;
  • uses a robust monitoring and accountability mechanism to ensure objectives of the strategy are being achieved.

Connect with IBP

IBP essential resources

You can participate in the various global technical meetings and consultations, IBP convenes. In addition, there are a number of regional activities that rely on our member’s expertise and knowledge. In addition, the IBP Secretariat coordinates the work of the task teams. for more information, please contact the IBP Secretariat 

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