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The IBP Results Framework was developed, vetted and finalized by the IBP Strategic Planning Committee, Partners, and Steering Committee. The results within it comprise a strategy and are designed to reflect IBP's manageable interest over a five-year time frame. If diligently utilized by Partners, this result framework will not only guide IBP in reaching targeted results, but also serve as an instrument with which IBP plans, manages, monitors and reports upon its achievements.

The Activity Template Matrix is essentially a group of targeted activities that feed into the results in the IBP Results Framework. The activities in this matrix were initially developed by IBP Partners during the March 2011 workshop and then strengthened by the Steering Committee during the April 2011 follow-on workshop. The matrix was further refined by the IBP Partners at the June 2011 meeting.

A purposeful and strategic communication of the 2011–2016 IBP Strategic Plan to key customers will yield a number of important benefits, including:

  • Providing a clear, shared understanding of strategy to IBP members and country stakeholders;
  • Generating buy-in and commitment from IBP members and country stakeholders;
  • Enabling IBP members to articulate the mission, vision, and objectives; and
  • Empowering IBP members to make informed decisions that are aligned with meeting key results as designated in the Results Framework.

However IBP chooses to communicate its Strategic Plan, the following overarching principles should be considered: (i) enable 2-way communications flow; (ii) develop activities that aim to achieve the IBP Results Framework; (iii) design consistent messaging; and, (iv) utilize appropriate, accessible and innovative communication methods and mediums.

It is recommended to have a task team that will focus on implementing these activities.

As the recommended strategic plan is based upon the Results Framework, it will be critical to develop a monitoring and evaluation (M&E) system that provides timely and accurate data that enables IBP to "manage for results."

In carrying out its strategic plan, the IBP will utilize a results-based management approach, use of which constitutes a shift from focusing on activities to focusing on results. This results-based approach, also will form the foundation of IBP’s M&E system. The IBP Initiative will finalize the M&E system.

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