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As the recommended strategic plan is based upon the Results Framework, it will be critical to develop a monitoring and evaluation (M&E) system that provides timely and accurate data that enables IBP to "manage for results."

In carrying out its strategic plan, the IBP will utilize a results-based management approach, use of which constitutes a shift from focusing on activities to focusing on results. This results-based approach, also will form the foundation of IBP’s M&E system. The IBP Initiative will finalize the M&E system.

The following points summarize where IBP currently is and where it must go to get its M&E system up and running:

  • Define results: Through development of the Results Framework, IBP has defined the results strategy that will be achieved over a five-year period. 
  • Identify performance indicators: IBP must complete development of a set of metrics to measure progress toward each result in the Results Framework. During the 29-30 March, 2011 workshop, the IBP Strategic Planning Committee rapidly developed a set of initial indicators. It is important to note, however, that the final set of indicators should be designed to meet the following criteria:
  1. Direct: The indicator is an exact measure of each result. Indicators measure results in the Results Framework independently and by different means.
  2. Objective: Indicator is unambiguous about what is to be measured and how.
  3. Adequate: Indicator(s) represent the minimum number required to capture the result.
  4. Practical: Indicator data can be collected in a timely and cost-effective manner.
  • Develop a Performance Management Plan (PMP): Currently, IBP has not developed its PMP, which is a management tool that outlines what data will be collected, how they will be collected and who will collect them. 
  • Collect performance data: Collecting data for the identified performance indicators is a crucial step of the results-based management process.  As the objective is to collect comparable data over time, careful consideration should be given to who in IBP is responsible for collecting data as well as the process that is used to collect it.
  • Analyze performance data: It is recommended that the key group responsible for carrying out the PMP (e.g. the M&E Working Group) work together with the Steering Committee to analyze trends over time. Once trends are identified, it will be of use to communicate this analysis to the IBP partners.
  • Use analysis to inform management decisions: The final step of the results-based management approach consists of using the results of analysis to inform decision-making, adjust strategy, or fine-tune implementation. The IBP must clearly define how such decisions will be made and who will make them.


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