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A purposeful and strategic communication of the 2011–2016 IBP Strategic Plan to key customers will yield a number of important benefits, including:

  • Providing a clear, shared understanding of strategy to IBP members and country stakeholders;
  • Generating buy-in and commitment from IBP members and country stakeholders;
  • Enabling IBP members to articulate the mission, vision, and objectives; and
  • Empowering IBP members to make informed decisions that are aligned with meeting key results as designated in the Results Framework.

However IBP chooses to communicate its Strategic Plan, the following overarching principles should be considered: (i) enable 2-way communications flow; (ii) develop activities that aim to achieve the IBP Results Framework; (iii) design consistent messaging; and, (iv) utilize appropriate, accessible and innovative communication methods and mediums.

It is recommended to have a task team that will focus on implementing these activities.

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