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The Activity Template Matrix is essentially a group of targeted activities that feed into the results in the IBP Results Framework. The activities in this matrix were initially developed by IBP Partners during the March 2011 workshop and then strengthened by the Steering Committee during the April 2011 follow-on workshop. The matrix was further refined by the IBP Partners at the June 2011 meeting.

As discussed in the Results Framework section, the majority of Year 1 activities feed into the lowest level of results. However, a smaller number of activities have also been designated for higher-level results.

The Activity Template Matrix should serve as a guide, rather than as a prescriptive set of required activities. More specifically, it is recommended that this matrix be utilized to inform and support the construction of annual work plans, which should be developed by the IBP Initiative for each of the five years. 

IBP partners will work with this template to reach consensus on an annual program of work.

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