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The IBP Consortium, with support from the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) through the Global Health Fellows Program / Public Health Institute (GHFP / PHI), as well as support from the World Health Organization's Department of Reproductive Health and Research (WHO/RHR), retained Management Systems International (MSI) to facilitate a process to update the IBP strategic plan for 2011–2016. Accordingly, from October 2010 to May 2011, MSI led IBP Partners, Steering Committee members, and Strategic Planning Committee participants through a series of meetings, workshops and interviews that led to the strategic content for the plan.

The IBP Consortium Strategic Plan outlines a dual purpose strategy for the five-year period 2011–2016. The strategy aims simultaneously to strengthen the functionality of the Consortium (inward-looking focus) as well as enhance in-country efforts of Consortium members (outward-looking focus).

For each area of focus, IBP has identified key results. For the inward-looking area, the strategy focuses on two results: (i) improved capacity of IBP member organizations to support the implementation of effective practices; and (ii) increased collaboration among IBP member organizations. For the outward-looking level, the highest result sought is increased scale-up of effective practices at the country level.

IBP Partners can utilize the 2011–2016 IBP Strategic Plan in the following five key ways: 

  1. To guide and support IBP annual work plans for each of the five years;
  2. To guide participation and contributions of Partners within the IBP Initiative;
  3. To support RH/FP planning processes within IBP Partners’ organizations -- at headquarters level;
  4. To guide RH/FP planning processes at country level (e.g. action plans; communication plans; partnership plans; or country plans);
  5. To support any of the following: mid-course management interventions; the re-structuring / re-organization of IBP; or follow-up IBP strategic planning efforts.


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